The holistic plan

In the scheme of things like life, business, and country it’s good to take a holistic view of things.

Everything should work hand, and hand, together. Each policy should work together with every other policy to accomplish the holistic goals.

Word for word. Engagement to engagement. Simultaneously accomplishing goals.

It’s full of integrity and accountability because these is a good explanation for everything.


Credit, respect, and love

This maybe highly controversial. So let me start by saying I’m not proud of slavery. No one should work against their will. 

My goal here is for the black American community to feel pride. And receive respect. I’ve found strength is my hardships that have helped me overcome my struggles. I’ve looked back with much pride in my accomplishments. Even if my accomplishments unfairly happend. I know I achieve them, and it’s helps me cope with my struggles. I boost myself with pride.

Black American slave labor build this country. We highly dependented on them for a hundred years before they where freed. They made this country great. I hope they can see that. Leadership should recognize this. It was wrong, but they build this great country, and deserve much respect, and to take part in prosperity. 

Moving forward leadership should recognize it for what it’s worth. We owe so much to them much respect. 
Here in Kentucky under Republican leadership, Democrats, and Republicans are trying to out love the black communities. Great things are happening.

Republicans are hoping they will step up and rebuild this country, but this time as equals. With love and respect. They should be treated like rich people. Rich because they contributed so much to our society already.

Education on the right way.

This is some deas I’ve been kicking around in my head for sometime. It’s more about others then me. But how does someone like me get where I used to be, to where I’m at now?

Because the lack of guidance many people are in very bad shape now.

Some of my observations of people I’ve seen who break the law for financial gain. Or have shady business practices.

If these people where educated on the right way, great wealth is out there to be had. I’ve known very smart people who didn’t know better.

Many of them are from low social economic status. They don’t have an education, or anyone to guide them on how to do business the right way, and build real wealth.

All they know is what they don’t have, and there’s some felons in the neighborhood that will show them how to make money the wrong way. Or the hard way.

 The way where they lose time, and time again, until they’re burnt out, dead, or in prison.

This happens in every race or ethnicity. I’ve seen it happen to people who wanted more but didn’t know how to get it. Some of these people are very talented, but don’t have people to guide me.

I learned I could pick up an extra thousand dollars in the stock market, and about compound interest. I learned I could work a side job, and make six hundred dollar in a couple days. I learned about cashflow, and budgeting. I learned when investing to always have cash on hand to invest. 

This stuff repeated ever day amasses great wealth. And it’s hard for others to take away.

Thanks to the internet there’s many people teaching the right way. There’s people mentoring. There’s people in just about every industry teaching how to.

Because of mentors on and off line I turned out okay. I’ve struggled with a long-term disability, and forced poverty by the government. But I’m still okay

The internet is a massive redistribution of information. It’s not just for the privileged anymore. It’s for people who are curious enough to find it, and want to do better by using it.

There’s so many apprenticeship our there because of the workforce development program now. The economic future is looking prosperous. The excuses for illegal behavior to get ahead its getting thinner.

Neuroscience will change how we treat schizophrenia

Since 2010 govements around the world have been spending 100’s of millions of dollars on research of the brain and Neuroscience. As a consequence We now understand a great deal about the brain, and neuroscience.

How we treat people with psychiatric disorders will change. As neuroscience relates to schizophrenia treatment will change.

I’m predicting we can use neuroscience, and neuroplasticity to overcome the symptoms of schizophrenia.

People with schizophrenia will be taught how to healthly dispute the individual unique symptoms. And create healthy thought patterns. 

Success starts at home

For many of use it’s hard to grow on the job. We have jobs like factory workers. One process after another. No faster, or slower then the counter parts. We’re limited on our responsibility. We have a set amount of income drived from these jobs. And at the end of the week there’s not much left.

Success starts at home. We can grow into larger titles, and take leadership roles. By growing at home we can become more qualified for leadership role in the workplace.

At home we can take responsibility for everything, and passionately lead our families to greatness. We can take the CEO role for our family’s.

We can create our own processes for family responsibilities. 

We can culptivate our children’s talents, and bring up strong leader’s.

We can take the CFO position of our family, and grow our income through education, and investments. 

We can make sure we’re guided by qualified people. Not some egotistical jerk boss.

Leadership is one of those things that’s thrusted on to those who manage, and lead well.

If you don’t know where to start, start at home. Your family will thank you for it.

Day of national prayer

I thought I would use this day of prayer to demonstrate how Christ, and prayer is backed by neuroscience.

God calls use to take our thoughts to the Lord. He also says take our plans to him, and our plans will be established.

This is deep reflection. If we do it wholeheartedly it works miracles for us. It solves many of our problems. 

The neuroscientist put quotes from the Bible directly in front of me to show me how it works. Christ solved my problems, after I deeply reflected on them. Now I know by deeply reflecting Christ solves many of my problem, and throughout the years has established my plans time and time again.

It’s time I start giving due credit for my achievements. How to be successful, by using neuroscience was in the Bible long before I discovered it. Christ knew it long before Neuroscience proved it.

Practice, practice, practice, etc..

I’m reading Neuroscience For Leadership, and in the book they say they’ve worked with average people, with average IQ who accomplish major success, and leadership goals. They say these people practice the same principles as I did. 

While it’s very hard to difine leader’s characteristics because they all took different paths. Here’s what I did that’s common with great leaders.

I practice self discipline, and will power on key factor to success. Things like discipline on productivity, quality of work, and Financial discipline. I stretched myself out over time. Faster, better quality, more hour spent working, and less frivolous spending. It’s like a self enforced bootcamp, but I did it day in, and day out.

Then there’s deep reflection. I spent a lot of time reflecting on virtually everything. From family, business dealings, relationships, etc..

This isn’t for everyone. Some may even say it sounds crazy, but this seems to be what leader’s have most in common. The things you may think about, and disciplines you practice maybe different then mine. 

I hope this is some helpful information that’s founded in neuroscience. The reason it’s neuroscience is because by practicing these disciplines we change our brains. We grow into leadership. We found companies. We become much more then we are now.

There’s leader’s. Then there’s leader’s who live on in history book

There’s leader’s who make a lot of money. They manage their roles very well throughout thier careers. They are well respected. They die and life goes on.

Then there’s leader’s who live on in history book. They are quoted every day on social media. Neuroscience is getting closer to defining these kind of leader’s.

This kind of leadership has a good understanding of people and empathy for people in their situations. It takes a good story to get people inspired. It’s often authoratative with a strong call to action. 

So few are picked to go down in history, but why not pick yourself? Why not act as if? After all,  that is what the historical leaders did.

Change has never been more important in leadership

Technology comes at us very fast nowadays. Year old ways of doing things are disrupted overnight. Companies are forced to pivet the next day or face going bank rupt.

We have to look as things differently everyday. If we don’t evolve fast enough our company dies.

This is why understanding nueralplastcity is important for leader’s, and potential is a skill that’s in high demand.

Today’s neurolplasticity regimen

Today was a great day neurologically speaking, inspite of getting four hours of sleep. then Then my gas was siphoned out of my truck. I ran out on the road, and to walk about a mile. Then they got into my truck, and turned my lights, and windshield wipers on while I was in the grocery store.

But I never had a bit of stress because of practicing neurolplasticity. The smaller goal with my regimen is to get my childhood intrigue back. I want to look at things and be fascinated by small details.

The big goal is to not have negative thoughts. I want to be intrigued by everything, and think positive. So I have less stress in my life.

I’m using lavender to calm my mind so my old pattern of glazing over details doesn’t control old thinking pathways. I want to create a new pathway of thing. One that is intrigued by the small details of life.

I have to keep practicing until it’s a well established pathway of thinking.

Children’s cartoons can be very intriguing. If I pay close attention to all the details. I watched cartoons this morning.

Then I played racquetball until I had a good sweat. Next I sat in the steamroom, and then the next sana.

I focus in on the details of everything from a damaged road sign, a beautiful tree, the way cloud looked, etc. I also spotting patterns in everything.

That kind of intimate focus into details is very intriguing for me. I get a shot of serotonin to my brain that makes me feel good and positive. Just like a child again.

Today my thoughts was very positive, and it seems to be working. Now all I need is tons of practice!