Marketing and sales for a sellable small business 

Many small businesses work because of the owners personal relationships with the customers. Which is great for lifestyle entrepreneurs. Someone who wants to spend their life working in the business.

But for entrepreneurs who want to build a business they can cash out of, they need the customers to have a personal relationship with the brand. Not the owners.

For that to happen the company has to stand for things. The morals and values of the company need to be standardize, and systematic.

Every employee needs to know how to handle every situation is the company’s systematic way. Jobs need to be standardized so that people can be replaced, and the system remains in place.

Reliable streams of revenue need to be built then standardized. The customer have to love what the company stands for. Through marketing the customer can have a personal relationship with the brand.

If the company’s known for quality, the salespeople need to know how to represent quality in a standardized, and systematic way.

The goal for entrepreneurs who want to build a startup with little capital, grow the company to a larger profitable business then cash out for much more money then they invested.

It can be done but we have to think Systems, and standard operating procedures.

How to do Intrapreneurial deal

Look for a profitable situations for everyone where you can bring people together to excelrate growth for your company.

You can use your network outside of your company to find opportunities, and bring them in.

Then gain power, and status by being an intermediary. 

I’ve done a few deals like this for my employers, and set up win win deals, and grew a strong network of people I can call on for future opportunities.

If we want something 

If we want something we can build a home for it to live before it arrives. 

When we build a spot for that thing we want it increase our odds of success when it arrives. We will be well positioned when the perfect opportunity arrives.

Why wait? Start now.

If you want a job make room for it in your life before you get the job. You won’t miss a beat when you land it.

You want to retire well make a retirement life before you retire.

You want a business make a nest egg, and a network.

You want to hire an employee build them a home in your company before you hire.

A successful lifestyle is about positioning.


I’ve built winning networks. But I’ve built very few teams. Everytime I’ve built little teams it turned out well.

I do know building winning teams wins the game.

This week I had the pleasure of talking to a guy in the construction industry who seems to be winning.

He’s affectively building teams. His sales guys are winning, his crews are winning. Just by talking to him I could tell that’s a great strength of his.

How exciting is that? I wish I was scaling good teams.

How you handle the power frame makes you 

What these non entrepreneur stooges, and manager don’t understand is when you win the power frame, or the prevailing view point you don’t dominate the other person. 

Sophisticated people understand. People who win investments in their companies understand. 

You have to be liked when you hold the power. No one likes do be dominated. 
Business is about building longterm, sustainable relationships. 

If you manage good people they will leave if you dominate them. 

You also have to give up the power frame when it’s respectfully won because in the feast of egosall parties leave hungry.

I believe I was selected because of how well I hold power over people. I held it in a way that I was well respected, and people didn’t mind giving me more.

High growth and change

High growth, and change comes from a group of passionate people who collaborate.

Ideas are brought to the table. They’re put out there to be scrutinized, shot down, and ripped apart.

They’re mixed and mingled until every one has a contribution.

When everyone gets their part, and gets on board, things start to happen. 

The Biggest change comes when people are fully invested in their contribution.


I’ve wanted to write about this for some time. Nows a good time in my situation.

It’s hard to find a rich hermit. If you look throughout the history of economic prosperity, the more connected we become the more economic prosperity is prevalent.

It all started with tribes. The tribes had no trust for other tribes because they’re knuckleheads. They were self sustain, and very poor. Once they gained enough trust to not kill one another, and made trades both tribes did better. 

One tribe could hunt, and trade with another tribe that farmed. Now they had meat, and produce. They both had more.

Once they start sharing collective knowledge they prospered even more, and started inventing things. The whole world started to rise economically.

Every one knows something. Add it all up, and we got mills, better/easier farming practices and we become more industrialized. Life got easier for everyone.

Knuckleheads are like the primitive tribes. They are self sustained. They know everything, so they don’t listen to others. There’s no helping them because they’re not coachable. They suffer, and fade away. Most of the time poorer people are hard to reach, because they’re knuckleheads.

I’m sad that they are hard to reach, and I can’t do anything for them. They are very hard cases, that can’t be helped. 

We still have tribes in the world that wear leaves for clothing, and are isolated from prosperity. If someone gets close to them they kill them.

If I had to tell you my best trait it’s how coachable I am. Not everyone’s mentor material, or can be mentored. 

People who are mentor material climb higher. Their bosses put more time into them. They learn more because their bosses share more knowledge with them, and they get promoted more.

The value in supporting the cause 

I’ve made the right connections in my working life by selflessly supporting the right people’s causes.

I never asked for more money until I was well established, and gained enough business knowledge to have my own cause which supported the larger cause.

Most of my life I was under payed, but I grew leaps, and bounds. I got all kinds special benefits from bosses. 

Most people are self entitled. They only care about themselves, how much money they make, their breaks, and fairness. They’re paranoid of management, and their use of them.

Most of the time they never get called on. They never standout.

Businesses are large teams, and managers are leaders who get paid for their performance. It can mean a lot if someone gets behind their cause, and makes them look good.

The status quo and entrepreneurship

The status quo is safe, secure, reliable. It works a steady job with normalize returns.

The status quo maintains things. Corporate culture loves it because companies are to big to take risk. There’s too much at risk, and a lot of money that can be lost.

The status quo is protection against risks of being wrong because everyone agrees this is normalized returns. If they change things it leads to uncertainty.

Nothing about entrepreneurship is status quo because everything is uncertain. Startups are kind of wild cards.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a generalized practice, and people don’t talk about businesses that blend in with normalcy. 

Entrepreneurs put it all on the line. They don’t have a safety nets, and they run into make or break deals where they may risk it all. There’s no reward without taking risk because normalized returns don’t exist.

There’s a thin line between crazy, and a successful entrepreneur. It’s divided by their track record. 

The pond ecosystem 

We can be a large fish in a small pond, and jump over to a very large pond, and be a small fish.

The more people depend on us the bigger the fish we become. The bigger we get the more the government leans on us for tax money. The more workers count on use for paychecks. The more charity’s look to us for donations. 

When all that happens we become powerful, influencel, and earn the title big fish.

When the big fish depend on us we become massive size fish.

I’ve always tried to add value to others in hopes of becoming a big fish oneday.