Post 2: What we can see we can achieve blog serious

In this blogging series I want to post in a comprehensive way on how to accomplish your goals using neuroscience. So this post will be on developing discipline.

Discipline’s the key to success in anything. Anything in life takes discipline wether it’s showing up to the job everyday, or building a multinational company. Discipline itself takes practice, and with a continued effort we develop more discipline.

I’m going to start with an example of a study I read in a book called The Brain by David Eagleman.

He rehabilitated a 20 year crack cocaine addict using neuroscience. The addict said when she sees crack she can’t turn it down. Her impulse to do crack cocaine is stronger then her will not too.

Networks in our brains are in constant competition. It’s how we make decisions based on many different benefits. To make the final decision one neural network wins over the other.

He put a device on her to read her brain waves, and showed her pictures of crack cocaine. The device registered her impulse to do crack cocaine, and the willpower not to do crack cocaine.

If her impulse to do crack was stronger then her will power a gauge needle was on red. If her will power to not do crack was stronger the needle was on blue.

To make her will power strong she had to think of reasons not to do crack like finances, or a job.

Overtime of practicing willpower she developed a stronger will, and was able to keep the needle on blue every time she seen crack. 

What happened was she practiced discipline, and the neural pathway of willpower got stronger. And the impulse to do drugs neuro pathway got weaker.

We can use this in our day to day lives. We can use it to create financial discipline to build great wealth, or even to go to a hard job every day. The more disciplin we gain, the more we can gain discipline.

We have to think of the long-term rewards, and the why to do something. These reasons practiced for a long time will create discipline, we need to achieve success. 


What we can see we can achieve blog series.

I’m starting a blog series about neuroplasticity. I found out how to use neuroplasticity in my early twenties while dealing with schizophrenia.

Neuroplasticity is how the brain changes. We can create thought patterns, and more will power. Just like people who pick up new accents when they move to different region of the country. Our brain changes welll into adulthood.

I was able to beat the schizophrenia by using neuroplasticity. Not only that I was able to achieve so much more in business. Almost no one survives schizophrenia as well as I did.

I always wanted to teach people how I beat schizophrenia. It was my calling in life. I want to do greater good for people suffering from schizophrenia, but Psychiatry was still quackery. 

Obama in the U.S. and other world leaders spent hundreds of millions of dollars in Neuroscience research. We Now understand a great deal about how the brain works neurologically.

Now the I’m well read in modern neuroscience. I’m able to teach much more effectively. I want to show people that if you can see it you can achieve it. If we can’t see it we can educate ourselves through many mediums. Anything we put our minds to we can accomplish. 

Why not have a better life? Now with changing ourselves founded in science it’s possible.

Pretend is not reality

Pretend is not reality.

There’s players. Then there’s movers, and shakers.

There’s want to be’s. Then there’s people doing things.

It takes ten year to build a career. So be patient.

It takes ten years to build a rich persons career at almost any pay range.

Not a rich mans cars and clothes. That’s for pretenders, and want to be’s. But a person who uses thier money to move things, and make money. A person who has power.

It’s all done by working, saving, and investing. 

Did I forget to mention? A lot of personal growth, and a lot of self education.

And don’t invest in the in wrong things. Do your homework, and don’t forget to pray about it.

Prayer is backed by Neuroscience

Have any of you worked on a problem, and when you wake up in the morning had the solution pop into your head, or out of nowhere the idea hits you? 

What’s happening is your subconscious is working on it. Then it popped into your conscience.

Our subconscious is constantly working on projects. Everything we’ve experienced is stored in our subconscious, and we have billions of neurons firing simultaneously creating all these connections that solve our problems.

The more we know about things the better solutions we will have. It’s important to know things like proverbs.

By God’s grace Jesus taught us how to pray. He showed us how prayer is a very private, person, and intimate thing. In church comedian is my favorite part. It’s my time alone with God. We look for answers, and give thanks. Prayer’s a deep reflection.

Once we pray like Jesus does we have a billion neurons working on this solution. We’ve kicked our problems into our subconscious.

Because our subconscious is working on this our actions will create opportunities, and we will have know idea what’s going on. Our subconscious will spot opportunities to create our solutions. 

God love us so much he taught us how to pray. And yes prayer works, and change lives.

People without leader’s

I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with people without leader’s to follow. It’s miserable for me. 

These people just hate. They’re bostful and arrogance. And they get extremely jealous of me.

I try to give them some of my secrets to ease tensions. But they reject it everytime. 

Most of them look to no one for answers. They believe they already know everything. 

If I I acted that way I would say I’m a god. And I hold all the answers. But it’s not true, and with that mentality I wouldn’t have achieved much.

Leadership development as is relates to neuroscience is about being able to model leader’s from a distance. For leader’s to grow they need to be able to do it. Especially since many don’t have a qualified leader close to them. Leaderless people are stuck.

I have many leader’s I follow because I don’t hold all the secrets to success. Without thier guidance I would never succeed. I’ve had many leader throughout my life.

Here’s my leadership.

First I heavily rely on preachers and pastors. I go to many different churches. I listen very closely to all of them. I still form my own opinion. But they guide me.

My parents still heavily lead my family. My mothers the glue that holds us all together.

I look to the Governor of Kentucky. He’s a solid man who’s making a big difference here in Kentucky. I don’t hear enough from him, and wish I could speak to him often. He offers guidance through social media, and as a leader of Kentucky. By listing costly I can hear his guidance.

The same with Trump. Not the promoter Trump. But the very sound judgement Trump.

These people have achieved success in a way I dream of. I’m more impressed with thier family values then business scucces. All of them have done both, and held it together nicely. So I molded them.

The holistic plan

In the scheme of things like life, business, and country it’s good to take a holistic view of things.

Everything should work hand, and hand, together. Each policy should work together with every other policy to accomplish the holistic goals.

Word for word. Engagement to engagement. Simultaneously accomplishing goals.

It’s full of integrity and accountability because these is a good explanation for everything.

Credit, respect, and love

This maybe highly controversial. So let me start by saying I’m not proud of slavery. No one should work against their will. 

My goal here is for the black American community to feel pride. And receive respect. I’ve found strength is my hardships that have helped me overcome my struggles. I’ve looked back with much pride in my accomplishments. Even if my accomplishments unfairly happend. I know I achieve them, and it’s helps me cope with my struggles. I boost myself with pride.

Black American slave labor build this country. We highly dependented on them for a hundred years before they where freed. They made this country great. I hope they can see that. Leadership should recognize this. It was wrong, but they build this great country, and deserve much respect, and to take part in prosperity. 

Moving forward leadership should recognize it for what it’s worth. We owe so much to them much respect. 
Here in Kentucky under Republican leadership, Democrats, and Republicans are trying to out love the black communities. Great things are happening.

Republicans are hoping they will step up and rebuild this country, but this time as equals. With love and respect. They should be treated like rich people. Rich because they contributed so much to our society already.

Education on the right way.

This is some deas I’ve been kicking around in my head for sometime. It’s more about others then me. But how does someone like me get where I used to be, to where I’m at now?

Because the lack of guidance many people are in very bad shape now.

Some of my observations of people I’ve seen who break the law for financial gain. Or have shady business practices.

If these people where educated on the right way, great wealth is out there to be had. I’ve known very smart people who didn’t know better.

Many of them are from low social economic status. They don’t have an education, or anyone to guide them on how to do business the right way, and build real wealth.

All they know is what they don’t have, and there’s some felons in the neighborhood that will show them how to make money the wrong way. Or the hard way.

 The way where they lose time, and time again, until they’re burnt out, dead, or in prison.

This happens in every race or ethnicity. I’ve seen it happen to people who wanted more but didn’t know how to get it. Some of these people are very talented, but don’t have people to guide me.

I learned I could pick up an extra thousand dollars in the stock market, and about compound interest. I learned I could work a side job, and make six hundred dollar in a couple days. I learned about cashflow, and budgeting. I learned when investing to always have cash on hand to invest. 

This stuff repeated ever day amasses great wealth. And it’s hard for others to take away.

Thanks to the internet there’s many people teaching the right way. There’s people mentoring. There’s people in just about every industry teaching how to.

Because of mentors on and off line I turned out okay. I’ve struggled with a long-term disability, and forced poverty by the government. But I’m still okay

The internet is a massive redistribution of information. It’s not just for the privileged anymore. It’s for people who are curious enough to find it, and want to do better by using it.

There’s so many apprenticeship our there because of the workforce development program now. The economic future is looking prosperous. The excuses for illegal behavior to get ahead its getting thinner.

Neuroscience will change how we treat schizophrenia

Since 2010 govements around the world have been spending 100’s of millions of dollars on research of the brain and Neuroscience. As a consequence We now understand a great deal about the brain, and neuroscience.

How we treat people with psychiatric disorders will change. As neuroscience relates to schizophrenia treatment will change.

I’m predicting we can use neuroscience, and neuroplasticity to overcome the symptoms of schizophrenia.

People with schizophrenia will be taught how to healthly dispute the individual unique symptoms. And create healthy thought patterns. 

Success starts at home

For many of use it’s hard to grow on the job. We have jobs like factory workers. One process after another. No faster, or slower then the counter parts. We’re limited on our responsibility. We have a set amount of income drived from these jobs. And at the end of the week there’s not much left.

Success starts at home. We can grow into larger titles, and take leadership roles. By growing at home we can become more qualified for leadership role in the workplace.

At home we can take responsibility for everything, and passionately lead our families to greatness. We can take the CEO role for our family’s.

We can create our own processes for family responsibilities. 

We can culptivate our children’s talents, and bring up strong leader’s.

We can take the CFO position of our family, and grow our income through education, and investments. 

We can make sure we’re guided by qualified people. Not some egotistical jerk boss.

Leadership is one of those things that’s thrusted on to those who manage, and lead well.

If you don’t know where to start, start at home. Your family will thank you for it.