Everything I’ve achieve I have a apprenticeship to thank.

First I achieved because someone was compassionate enough to take the time and teach me to do better when I was a troubled teen. 

Next the biggest part of my success. Since someone cared enough to give me an apprenticeship, I now want to do the same. I use social media as chance to do that. It’s made me very influential, and every part of by apprentices lives in my work. My apprentice has influenced the world.

The new Republican agenda in work force development is very important to me. People below the poverty level have been left behind. They’re left to live on government rations. And until now no one was willing teaching them how to do better. 

Many of these people aren’t cut out for higher education, and now company’s are signing up to teach and hire low skilled people technical skills that are needed for better higher paying job. At this time in our economy we have a shortage of people with these kind of needed technical skills, and a grow poverty of people. Everyone one wins.

Gov. Bevin in Kentucky has taken it a step further, and is trying to change the dynamics in the communities below the property level. In these communities many children grow up without fathers to teach them about healthy relationships, and how to support a family. He’s using people who’ve done well in the community to mentor trubled youth. Family units are an important part of economics success. And bevin’s trying to fix these communities.

This is only something that can be curbed with the love of Christ. 

Republicans are giving it there best effort, and even if nothing changes, and it all fails; I will go down with the ship. I encourage people, and business to become influential too, and change the world by teaching someone.

Clarification of what you want out of life.

I’ve never heard anyone cover this topic this way so here goes nothing.

People are sabotaging themselves by not having clear expectations of what they really want out of life. They make statements like I want to be a millionaire but it’s not really what they wanted. Or at least their actions didn’t match their words.

Take for instance some factory workers I know. They want to be millionaire really bad, but their actions tell a different story.

After working at a good job for a year, they go buy the biggest car the bank will give them money for. 

If they were honest with themselves they really wanted a car, and they should be very happy with themselves. But the car’s bleeding them dry. 

The interest sucks five or six hundred dollars a year out of thier pocket. Then they lost thousands of dollars in depreciation. The interest, and depreciation money that could be used to become a millionaire by buying a business, or saving and investing. That’s what millionaires do. They save and invest in many different accent types.

They were never happy because they wanted something different then want their actions proved. They’ll never become millionaires because they don’t really know what they want out of life. So they stay angry.

When I started out I had a very clear vision what the end game looked like. I wanted to be a real estate investor that could pay cash for everything. I didn’t want to be a millionaire. I wanted to be a big guy at auctions.

So I saved a lot of cash, and I bought the best cheapest truck I could find. My actions completely matched my words. I had a relatively large bank account with no interest bleeding me dry.

It’s a recipe for happiness. My actions completely matched my words, and I was getting exactly what I wanted out of life.

People Are Missing Key Information About Becoming Wealthy

I’m bringing in less then minimum wage, and I live pretty darn good. Some months I come up with savings.

The Secret too people who do really well is they educate themselves about saving, and investing. Then they do it. 

They don’t live over they’re means, and they show up everyday over a long period of time.

They also develop multiple streams of income. If you look at the richest people they have three or four different jobs.

The people that do the best start successful business when they’re young.

It’s really not how much you make. It’s how disciplined you are, because most wealth is built over a long period Of time coupled with being a life long learner. 

People crybaby all the time about how employees make nothing. But then you hear the stories about a dinner waitress who leaves her family millions when they find her will because she learnd how to invest in stocks when one was looking.

People want it all right now on the spot. It’s never worked like that. It’s never will unless you hit the lottery.

People are missing the key piece of information on how to get wealthy.

The rise of athletic supper stars

There’s been a shift in the world on who’s the supper stars are. Pop culture is now the champions of their day to day lives.

It’s the people who are making a difference where they’re at. It’s real life that connects with our real life.

It’s the soldiers who fight to defend their citizens. It’s the police officers that protect us. It’s the construction worker. It’s the businessman. Who show us how to survive our day of hard work. It’s the champions of our day to day jobs.

It’s increasingly less about the  people who fake their fake life for the cameras. 

Social media has a good nose for smelling B.S., and rejecting it.

Fortune rewards those who make contributions

Fortune rewards those who make contributions.

We can make contributions in everything we do. We can make them to are teams, family. Or teaching someone to do something. It’s really just making things better.

Very small fortune’s are found when a person saves a one time cost savings to a company. It’s a very small contribution that doesn’t change things. 

This contribution may have a small promotion, but most often it’s a pat on the back.

A big contribution you can make is changing the system. Changing the system in a way that creating efficiency, and productivity. 

For being the agent of change most of the time it’s rewarded with great fortunes. It’s a permanent change that saves lots of money for the company over the years.

The biggest contribution you can make is building a company that disrupts massive markets like Uber did to taxi cabs.

 They contributed a better very efficient, and productive way to an industry that was old and stell. They totally changed the way we do things for the better.

Or like what I’m doing. I contributing to the future. I’m creating life changing, and life saving Technology’s that will creates many jobs, and will be the way of the future of efficiency and productivity. 

Contributions are how fortunes are made, and they always require change.

My vision for the future

My most proudest moment in my life was when a builder with 30 years of experience gave me a chance at being a parter. I was a good earner though

Most of my life was like a glass Selling. I could see though everything but not many,,would give me a shot no matter how much I could make them.
I spent years with schizophrenia seeing all these opportunities, but I couldn’t get a shot.

I want to give opportunities like the builder gave me. I want people who come from adverse backgrounds to have a shot. Many can do really well they just come from adverse situations were they need to do a few things on their terms.

That’s why I want to start a platform. A place where people can work, and earn a good living on their terms working for their selves.

I being shown how my technology works, and I’m convinced I can make many platforms for people to become self employed, and earn a good living.

I’m convinced this technology is very important for the future of jobs, and competitive with robots.

Trial and error

I’ve failed way more times then I ever succeeded.

I’ve started many new jobs, as a very young and ambitious man. The first weeks were disasters because I was overly motivated to make my mark on the world, and fail on my face. I’ve been fired many times.

I’ve had my chances to meet life changing contacts, and bruised the relationship with my eagerness, and ego.

I’ve been on campaigns of ignorance, and made a fool of myself for the world to see.

I’ve lost good friendships because I was chasing the doller. 

I’ve lost, and lost over, and over again.

I never gave up.

 I’ve looked back time, and time again with shame of my old work. But I grew though trial, and error. I grew to larger then life.

Life’s one of the cruelest teacher you’ll ever meet. You get the test before you get the lesson.

I’m a wiser man because of all my foolishness. 

How can you be Pro-humanitarian, and not be Pro-conservative economics!

Country’s were people starve to death have really bad economics, and a very high crime rate to the point were no one respects private property rights. It’s not safe to invest in these areas.

Sound familiar? To me it sounds like the regressive movement.

The conservative movement’s based on good economics. Good for both people who created jobs by investing, and the working class who can gain mobility, and invest too.

The people who work, and make this world go round are reward. They invent ways to surve the underserved. They cure illness. The come up with Solutions to poverty. They give dominations to charity’s because when people feel like they’ve done well for themselves they give back.

The more we reward people who work the more people will work. The more they earn the better decisions they make. They eat healthier. They live better life styles with less crime. They make better decisions for their children.

Regressive economics undermine’s humanity, and rewards people who don’t contribute to society. People who will never give back, or create anything new.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be the change I want to see in society. 

The underdog

Being the underdog has it advantages because competition’s so stiff for being the topdog. Everyone has eyes on the top spot, and wants to take out the topdog

The underdog has freedom to do things without people watching.

When I started to do well, I couldn’t believe it; my competition thought I was dumb, and had no shot. Which made them somewhat blind to my positions.

I took full advantage of being the underdog, and I sometimes down played myself. It was a wise move for me.

I could believe how uncontested my shots were. People really didn’t see them coming.

Being humble, and grounded clears the field of competition, so I was free to make winning shots. 

The regressive movement

The liberal’s Progressive movement isn’t a highly enlightened movement of more intelligent people.

The movement’s based on fear, and sex, which is caveman brain thinking. 

Liberals are content with tearing things down out of irrational fear of inadequacy, shame, and inequality. It’s caveman brain thinking.

The neocortex, or smart brain would tell you hard work, and financial responsibility is necessary to close the gap. That’s an enlightened way to look at it.

The conservative’s are a more optimistic party with Progressive, and optimistic views of helping people progress, and financially successful. 

That sort of thinking puts people in their smart brain. They start thinking about the future, instead of fear, and how bad things are (caveman brain.)

The sex desire comes from the caveman brain. It’s a primal instinct of human survival. Sex is for reproduction. Without it we would have died out in the caveman era.
The caveman man brain isn’t intelligent. We know we should do certain things, but still sex scandals happen every day that destroys careers and lives.

I disagree when we call liberals Progressive. Isn’t really a regressive movement. It’s totally built on caveman fear. 

While the conservative movement is built on hard work, and financial responsibility. It’s what we needed to survive in the world. Once we are optimistically/smart brain thinking we can see that’s it’s an enlightened life, with less misery.