Being the best isn’t about being the best at all

I get on rolls a lot, where I’m very hot. My decisions are very accurate, fast, and prosperous. It’s like I’m the star actor in a move that makes no mistake. Not that I’m flawless. I make many mistakes sometimes.

I don’t mean to come off as star in a move. It’s just that I added everything up and have a very Vivid vision at these times.

It’s not about being better. I gladly take any better ideas.

Because of this I get people who want to play a leading role too. They have to prove thier good too. And they act like it’s politics, and beat me down while promoting thier half worked out, bad idea.

This leads me to my mean point. Being the best isn’t about being the best at all. It’s about making the right the discussion at the right time. It’s not about calling all the shots. Being the best is about calling the right shots.

The best ideas have to win to be the best. No matter who’s idea it was. 


The most successful country in the world

The U.S. is the most successful culture in the world. We are the richest country in the world too. The poor here in the U.S. live much better then the poor anywhere else in the world.

It’s our Christian culture that makes us the most successful in the world, and our political system that upholds our law’s, and keeps government corruption low. It’s our service to our fellow man that make us rich country in the world. and our laws that protect personal wealth.

Our citizens collectively give away a billion more dollars a year too charity then the next closest humanitarian country.

Some may deny Christianity, but it’s culture runs deep in our American heritage.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for and understanding other cultures around the world. People from other nations, and other religions who started businesses here in the states.

They’re not service-oriented at all. Their businesses in the littlest details are about serving thier personal financial needs. They’re very reluctant to give away the little luxuries that American companies offer. 

We have something very special here in the U.S.. It’s very important to keep our culture alive, and uphold our laws that protect citizens.

Social dominance

In any social or business situation it’s easy to see who holds social dominance.

The person who holds the power is the one everyone is reacting to. When that person speaks everyone listens.

They gain this power by small, friendly acts of defiance. Or holding the more logical better idea.

It’s important to lightly use humor when we defy someone, if you want to win them over, and gain thier support.

Social dominance is backed in neuroscience. If you do it right you will win, and influence people. If you do it wrong you will be widely rejected.

Love your customers

Show your customers how valuable they are. 

Treat them with kindness, and respect they deserve for being your customer.

You never know when a scrappy competitor will take them away.

You never know when customers stop coming through the door.

Businesses is servanthood. The custmors have options on where and how they spend their money, and they will go where they get love and respect.

Emotional IQ

Almost all high achievers have high emotional IQ. It’s more important then high IQ in most cases. People with high emotional IQ keep thier head’s under pressure. The handle business relationship well in minor disputes. They tend to think it’s better to get along the disagree.

People with low emotional IQ don’t do as well. They tend to end relationships because of minor disagreements. In times of crisis thier emotions are so high they don’t handle the situations well. They tend to tear things down based on emotions.

Low emotional IQ and power, are very dangerous together.

The good news is we can gain higher emotional IQ by spotting our emotions, and practicing rationalizing the emotions. We can dispute how we feel before we act. We can gain tolerance.

Check out my blog series What We be See We Can Achieve. I wrote five post.The series talks about how we can change our brain, and overcome mental health by becoming better people.

Survival of the fittest; team

Most people think they have to be the fittest to survive. These people forget to nurture thier team environment. They surround themselves with lesser Talent. They seek to dominate over thier teams, by creating a worker versus management culture. In thier minds it begins and ends with them. 

They don’t really do anything spectacular.

Survival of the fittest teams are the people who change the world. They have people working in unison for the common good of the team, their company’s, or their country.

The United States is the fittest country in the world. We have a culture of unity that’s survived threats against or freedoms. We have the longest lasting Constitution in history of the world. We have one of the highest standard of living in the world.

We take really go care of our people. We seek out the brightest minds it the world to join our team’s. Our people support one another when we fall on hard times like no other country in the world. Collectively we give billions of dollars more the the next closest humanitarian country.

If you where to lose everything overnight, you are truly blessed to be living in the United States.

The U.S. people have the strongest bond in the world, and outside forces can’t break it.

God Bless America, and I pray be for the Souls of our enemy.

The free market is good for the health of our nation.

All the time Psychiatry is getting better. In the past 7 years we have made major advancements in treating the Mental Health of our nation. Psychiatry is becoming more of a science.

Because of this old outdated companies, and technology must fail. Companies that refuse to change the way they’er treating mental illness or they will face extinction.

Propping these companies up with government support, and things that try to control the market will make our country sicker. The parents these companies treat will be in wose shape. These companies are not very Progressive, and have to fail. It’s a sad reality for owners, and investors with lots of money invested. But all thing better for the health of our people, they must go.

But new Innovative companies will emerge. They will win the trust of thier people. They will heal people better. Our Technologies will prevail. Along with the people we treat. Therefore making the mental health of our patients, and nation much better.

The people Win!

Post 5: What we see we can achieve

Now that we covered growing as a leader, we’re  going to cover emotional IQ and healthy thought patterns.

Emotional IQ is one of the major attributes that all high level Executives have in common. It’s what I’ve admired in people whom I’ve modeled after.

I develop this skill of emotional IQ, and healthy thought pattern when I was overcoming schizophrenia. I had to dispute between what was reality, and what was a delusion. When things where a delusion emotions were high. I ran the risk of behaving poorly, and letting people know I had schizophrenia.

Just like leaders can be made, so can emotional IQ people, and healthy thought patterns can save our Mental Health.

When we have poor emotional IQ we fall apart when we’re faced with difficulties. 

Everyone knows the knee-jerk liberal that crumbles over crisis. They are very self destructive when there’s injustices. They cause harm to innocent people because something wasn’t fair.

Here’s how we develop emotional IQ, and healthy thought patterns.

First we have to identify the problem, and how it makes us feel. Is it sad, angry or scared? For most people these initial feelings are how we behave. This is where people with poor emotional IQ fail, and fly off the handle. But before we act on our emotions we must rationalize.

We rationalize by thinking through every aspect of the situation. We basically dispute our emotions, and feeling toward the situation. Is this all bad? Is there any good parts. Can I live with the outcome? Can I defer a direct hit. How can I handle this in a way that mitigates risk?

Then we act in a way that’s best for the situation. We have all the necessary information to effectively solve the problem and behave well.

It’s a healthy thought pattern to identify, rationalize, then act. It’s also high emotional IQ. 

I went to group therapy where therapist where treating people with depression using a formula like this. I discovered because of my schizophrenia I naturally do it very well.

At first this takes a conscious effort. But if we consciously identify our emotions, rationalize our emotions, then act,  this will become very natural to us. Overtime we will subconsciously do it, and we won’t realize we do it.

Post 4: What we see we can achieve

The past two post we’re about discipline, and staying optimistic. These are major skill for entrepreneurs and leaders. Business is about make disciplined decisions, and leading teams with optimism. By doing this we gain resilience.

Now we’re going to cover major growth in our soft skills. I used to think leader’s were born, but the more I learn about neuroscience, the more I know we can develop leadership skills. We can be better persons for our family’s, our team’s, and for our company’s.

This will take a lot of focus and alone time. Prayer, and learning about the Bible can help us in these areas. The Bible is about building our foundations on Stone. It’s a great guide for leader’s.

Getting started we need to take care of our brain’s by getting a lot of sleep, and the proper nutrition for our brain’s. The better are brains are taken care of the more focus we will have, to grow, and develop leadership skills.

When I learned about Focus and prayer I had the biggest growth spurts of my career and life.

I spent one and half hour driving to and from work, alone everyday. This time was spent in deep thought about everything from business to being a good man.

I thought deeply about relationships with my business partners, and how to nurture my relationships. 

I deeply reflected, and role molded after business leader’s I read about, and watched on TV.

I stared to really develop strong skills in leadership.

Then I learned about, and modeled from Jesus. His leadership skills brought about religious transformation that has lasted for thousands of years, and is still going strong. It’s a great attribute to his leadership skills.

By take care of our brains, we will have enough energy after deep reflection on all these leadership skills to help use model behaviors of strong leader. 

At first we have to make a conscious decision to behave like leaders. So our brains need energy to make these conscious decisions. But overtime these skills will become second nature to us. And we will subconsciously be strong leaders. At that point it’s who we are. 

Next I will cover emotional IQ which is very important for business. It’s also important when coping with mental illness.

Post 3: What we can see we can achieveĀ 

We’ve covered how to develop discipline. Over years of practicing making disciplined decisions it will  become second nature to us.

Now we’re going to cover staying optimistic. A long career as an entrepreneurs, or in leadership will test us. Life will get very hard at times. If we want success we must stay strong during the storms.

Many times this is when people fall apart.

First of all when hard time hit we must really practice discipline with a spin on optimism.

What we tell ourselves becomes our reality in hard times. It’s when our self talk that hurts us. If we say we can’t it’s our cue to the brain to give up. 

If we question our capabilities, we are less capable. 

Just like if we hang our head we naturally feel dominated.

By simply making decision to stand in a powerful stance we feel more powerful, and we naturally act that way.

Telling our self how good we are, and look for reasons that support it; will make us much better, and more capable at our jobs. It’s is trick That is backed in neuroscience.

When surviving hardships it’s important to look for all the opportunities. Seeing opportunities will boost our morale and make us feel better.

Sometimes situations are so bad that the only thing we can do is practice discipline. It’s the biggest opportunity. And it’s optimistic to think we’ll rise much stronger, and better.

If you look at economic crisis like the Great Recession we always rise much stronger. We spot problems. We fix them. We capitalize better. We build better system. 

This is how our individual situations should work if we stay optimistic and look for opportunities.

This was one of my major coping skills while dealing with schizophrenia.

Always be kind to yourself. Sometimes no one else will.