Living by the rules we set for others

Leaders live by the rules they set for others. It’s part of being authentic and real. I for one, wouldn’t ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself, and people respect that.


Politicians don’t have to live by the laws they set for us. Especially Hillary Clinton. She should be in prison by now. Politicians have a whole separate set of rules. They don’t have to take part in Obamacare. They can opt out of their own laws, that we have to abide by.

The Asshole Of America sets me up for poor living and working conditions, but lives by a different set of standards. Which are much high then the ones he forces on me. Just like some pantywaist politician. It’s cowardly, and he should be ashamed of his self. He forced  me to live seven years without pay. He makes me fight at every low paying side job, by taking advantage of buying poor people, and people’s feelings of inadequacy.

Strong leaders set the standard for their followers to live by. They are the chef example officer. Who should show use how to work, and how we should behave.

Leadership standards