Deep reflection of a better person

If deep reflection is easy for us as individuals, it’s easy to become a better person.

A person that loves our children, and significant other better. A person who handles business better. A better leader or CEO.  A person that’s more deeply rooted in faith. 

Faith is very easy to evolve in because the Bible is makes a strong connection on who that better person is.

We have to know what that better person is first. We have to know how that better person’s Behaviour’s. We can read and learn about that better person.

Through deep reflection of that better person, we can grow into that better person.


Reflection Is Key To Changing Our Behavior

We can learn to be better at almost everything. We can edit our soft skill, and behaviors. We can do it by deeply reflecting on everything. We can learn to be leader’s, and CEO’s.

I used to think leader’s were born, but with all we now know about neuroscience we can grow in just about any direction. In the future soft skills will be more important then technical skills. If we can lead, and inspired people to take action we can get promoted in leadership roles.

I started deeply reflecting on myself in my midteens while I was into rodeo, and it stuck with me. I try to relive my days at night. Most often while getting ready for bed. I’m alone most of the time because of self reflection. I really like that kind of mental stimulation.

I reflect on my short comings, and difficulties with honesty. I think of skills I need to get better at, and make actionable plans. I think of all the reasons I succeeded, and double down on the behavior that lead to success.

It’s important when we reflect on ourselves to be completely honest with ourselves, and not justify bad Behaviour that led to disastrous results. As leader’s failures, and success is a result that we have to own.

Blame, and jealousy is easy. Or is it?

Blame, and jealousy is really just an easy out. A simple easy way of saying I’m to lazy to try. 

I believe it leads to more discontentment, and it’s a slow agonizing spiritual death. It’s a life full of shame.

The hard work is to take responsibility for our short comings. It’s not for the intellectual lazy.

With all we know about neuroscience we can change. We can reprogram our thoughts. We can get better at things. We can learn to think like (insert person you’re jealous of). Therefore achieve thier success.

I live a spiritually free life because I’m not a victim. I work hard to rewrite my think to success. If I failed I don’t give up, I rewrite again until I succeed.

As a result I don’t carry spirit killing irrational emotions.

The creative space

In the creative space your ideas just as good as mine, or just as good as someone who’s highly educated.

The difference between a successful creative and a non-successful creative is one’s test thier ideas against the market. They’ve put themselves out there to be rejected. The fear of rejection’s why people never test thier ideas.

 Over time we can develop some horse sense for what works. But many maketing ideas are creative, and they where just a guesstimate.

How simple is the idea of McDonald’s to bring the food out to your table? Or how about Papa John’s pizza that comes with peppercinis in the box? What about movie theater popcorn with lots of salt so people buy drink because their all of the sudden thirsty.

Take a look around, and you’ll see people’s ideas everywhere. Most of them are really simple, but they are business sound ideas. Better service, and more value.

It doesn’t take an MBA come up with these ideas.

What about social media? It’s user generated content. Your a social Human, as all of use are. Most of use create content everyday. Why not test our ideas against the market.

The conclusion is people simply get paid to brain storm ideas. People like you and me. The only difference is they proved themselves over thier career.

There’s two ways to learn how to do anything

There’s two ways to learn how to do things. 

One way is by school, that’s the easiest way. We can get a clear format on how to do just about anything. In school we learn all the formalities that blend us with the majority of people who work in higher skilled jobs. We spend a fortune in tuition, and hit the ground running.

Then there’s the hard way. The route that I took in life. The hard way’s learning by simply doing it. It takes guts to learn this way. By simply doing it, we will suffer as the fools we are. We will swallow our pride by rejection after rejection until we get it right. 

Through trial and error we can learn. Then conquer.
The biggest stall here for people is they don’t want to start out at the very bottom.

Take for instance my writing. I’ve made a fool out of myself thousands of times. I’ve been laughed at, and made fun of, but I get better at it every day. Now I’m able to use my writing to progress.

My first website would’ve embarrassed a fifth grader, but the new website I’m working on will be much better. And hopefully a money maker.

We have to get started if we want to succeed, and grow our skillsets that make us more valuable in our companies, and in our businesses. You have two choices.

The difference between an expert, and a beginner is the expert has failed more times then the beginners ever tried.- Albert Einstein

My flawed logic

My flewed logic has always been to make my boss rich and get a cut.

I started out with nothing in life like money, education, or skills. I couldn’t even talk well, but I earned my keep. It was the best option for me. 

I could work very hard, and always kept an eye out on the bottom line for my employer. Then when I learned about the internet I started myself.

After I started educating myself I started to cut more cost, and grow revenue.

That’s how I got where I’m at today. 

Don’t try this at home kid.

Confounding a blog

I’m helping to start a new blogging venture in the outdoors, and shooting sports industry. I’m feel the creative juices flowing, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

All the pieces to the puzzle’s there. Years of hard work, knowledge, and connections are pretty much in place. So It should be highly monetizable.

 All we need is to build an audience. By next month I should be able to share it with you all.

​Leagues, And Asset Classes 

For eight years I’ve been pent against people who I would never consider competing against. Almost everyone I come in contact with I’m forced to compete with.

It has really pissed me off because everyone’s not a competitor. Some are friends. Some are connie’s. Some are investors. Some are investments.

Shouldn’t competition be like baseball leagues? We have many different leagues , starting at T-ball all the way to the all star league’s. Maybe 8 different leagues. 

You don’t see a high-school players trash talking major league players. It just doesn’t make sense. Expecially when the major league player could really help a high-school player, and they are not competing directly.

Shouldn’t we look at business this way? There’s many different asset classes, like gas stations, restaurant, marketing firms, financial firms, neuroscience firms, est. Each asset class has some kind of advantage. They can all work beautifully together by growing the pie for everyone.

What’s really got my goat lately is an Indian guy who owns a franchise gas station is trying to complete with me when I’m in neuroscience. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The world rose from the stone age by being connected. People in all asset classes shared knowledge. Many major innovation in one industry come from knowledge from another industry. I guess in India there lagging because they are just now developing their country. The U.S. started developing in the 1920’s.

Why can’t my ground breaking technology transform the gas station industry? If it does that asshole won’t be leading the charge and making millions.

​Mastering The Times

Life on earth evolves.

Things get lighter, and easier. Prices become cheaper. Medicine’s work better. 

We solve problems, and avoid catastrophic events that could cause use to suffer, or even become extinct; on the third Rock from the sun we call Earth.

We have major issues ahead of us to solve.

We figure out how to feed people who are starving to death in undeveloped country’s for $0.69 a day. We build stronger homes that are safer from natural disaster. We solve energy shortage that make the world greener, and more sustainable. General speaking we learn to do all this with less; more efficiently in every industry.

It’s can be mistaken for greedy capitalism.

We often see it that way because of the human condition. We’re all emotionally engaged in fear. So engaged that we attack our friends. 

We attack capitalism, wealth, and innovation when it solved all those problems thus far. And we will continue to solve the problems in the future.

We make crazy prediction that never come true. We get so involved in our day to day fears that we never stop to look at the big picture.

When we stop evolving life runs us over. We must continually try to master the times with innovation, and capital flow, or we will all suffer a slow agonizing death.