Everything I’ve achieve I have a apprenticeship to thank.

First I achieved because someone was compassionate enough to take the time and teach me to do better when I was a troubled teen. 

Next the biggest part of my success. Since someone cared enough to give me an apprenticeship, I now want to do the same. I use social media as chance to do that. It’s made me very influential, and every part of by apprentices lives in my work. My apprentice has influenced the world.

The new Republican agenda in work force development is very important to me. People below the poverty level have been left behind. They’re left to live on government rations. And until now no one was willing teaching them how to do better. 

Many of these people aren’t cut out for higher education, and now company’s are signing up to teach and hire low skilled people technical skills that are needed for better higher paying job. At this time in our economy we have a shortage of people with these kind of needed technical skills, and a grow poverty of people. Everyone one wins.

Gov. Bevin in Kentucky has taken it a step further, and is trying to change the dynamics in the communities below the property level. In these communities many children grow up without fathers to teach them about healthy relationships, and how to support a family. He’s using people who’ve done well in the community to mentor trubled youth. Family units are an important part of economics success. And bevin’s trying to fix these communities.

This is only something that can be curbed with the love of Christ. 

Republicans are giving it there best effort, and even if nothing changes, and it all fails; I will go down with the ship. I encourage people, and business to become influential too, and change the world by teaching someone.


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