Clarification of what you want out of life.

I’ve never heard anyone cover this topic this way so here goes nothing.

People are sabotaging themselves by not having clear expectations of what they really want out of life. They make statements like I want to be a millionaire but it’s not really what they wanted. Or at least their actions didn’t match their words.

Take for instance some factory workers I know. They want to be millionaire really bad, but their actions tell a different story.

After working at a good job for a year, they go buy the biggest car the bank will give them money for. 

If they were honest with themselves they really wanted a car, and they should be very happy with themselves. But the car’s bleeding them dry. 

The interest sucks five or six hundred dollars a year out of thier pocket. Then they lost thousands of dollars in depreciation. The interest, and depreciation money that could be used to become a millionaire by buying a business, or saving and investing. That’s what millionaires do. They save and invest in many different accent types.

They were never happy because they wanted something different then want their actions proved. They’ll never become millionaires because they don’t really know what they want out of life. So they stay angry.

When I started out I had a very clear vision what the end game looked like. I wanted to be a real estate investor that could pay cash for everything. I didn’t want to be a millionaire. I wanted to be a big guy at auctions.

So I saved a lot of cash, and I bought the best cheapest truck I could find. My actions completely matched my words. I had a relatively large bank account with no interest bleeding me dry.

It’s a recipe for happiness. My actions completely matched my words, and I was getting exactly what I wanted out of life.


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