Reflection Is Key To Changing Our Behavior

We can learn to be better at almost everything. We can edit our soft skill, and behaviors. We can do it by deeply reflecting on everything. We can learn to be leader’s, and CEO’s.

I used to think leader’s were born, but with all we now know about neuroscience we can grow in just about any direction. In the future soft skills will be more important then technical skills. If we can lead, and inspired people to take action we can get promoted in leadership roles.

I started deeply reflecting on myself in my midteens while I was into rodeo, and it stuck with me. I try to relive my days at night. Most often while getting ready for bed. I’m alone most of the time because of self reflection. I really like that kind of mental stimulation.

I reflect on my short comings, and difficulties with honesty. I think of skills I need to get better at, and make actionable plans. I think of all the reasons I succeeded, and double down on the behavior that lead to success.

It’s important when we reflect on ourselves to be completely honest with ourselves, and not justify bad Behaviour that led to disastrous results. As leader’s failures, and success is a result that we have to own.


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