Blame, and jealousy is easy. Or is it?

Blame, and jealousy is really just an easy out. A simple easy way of saying I’m to lazy to try. 

I believe it leads to more discontentment, and it’s a slow agonizing spiritual death. It’s a life full of shame.

The hard work is to take responsibility for our short comings. It’s not for the intellectual lazy.

With all we know about neuroscience we can change. We can reprogram our thoughts. We can get better at things. We can learn to think like (insert person you’re jealous of). Therefore achieve thier success.

I live a spiritually free life because I’m not a victim. I work hard to rewrite my think to success. If I failed I don’t give up, I rewrite again until I succeed.

As a result I don’t carry spirit killing irrational emotions.


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