The creative space

In the creative space your ideas just as good as mine, or just as good as someone who’s highly educated.

The difference between a successful creative and a non-successful creative is one’s test thier ideas against the market. They’ve put themselves out there to be rejected. The fear of rejection’s why people never test thier ideas.

 Over time we can develop some horse sense for what works. But many maketing ideas are creative, and they where just a guesstimate.

How simple is the idea of McDonald’s to bring the food out to your table? Or how about Papa John’s pizza that comes with peppercinis in the box? What about movie theater popcorn with lots of salt so people buy drink because their all of the sudden thirsty.

Take a look around, and you’ll see people’s ideas everywhere. Most of them are really simple, but they are business sound ideas. Better service, and more value.

It doesn’t take an MBA come up with these ideas.

What about social media? It’s user generated content. Your a social Human, as all of use are. Most of use create content everyday. Why not test our ideas against the market.

The conclusion is people simply get paid to brain storm ideas. People like you and me. The only difference is they proved themselves over thier career.


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