There’s two ways to learn how to do anything

There’s two ways to learn how to do things. 

One way is by school, that’s the easiest way. We can get a clear format on how to do just about anything. In school we learn all the formalities that blend us with the majority of people who work in higher skilled jobs. We spend a fortune in tuition, and hit the ground running.

Then there’s the hard way. The route that I took in life. The hard way’s learning by simply doing it. It takes guts to learn this way. By simply doing it, we will suffer as the fools we are. We will swallow our pride by rejection after rejection until we get it right. 

Through trial and error we can learn. Then conquer.
The biggest stall here for people is they don’t want to start out at the very bottom.

Take for instance my writing. I’ve made a fool out of myself thousands of times. I’ve been laughed at, and made fun of, but I get better at it every day. Now I’m able to use my writing to progress.

My first website would’ve embarrassed a fifth grader, but the new website I’m working on will be much better. And hopefully a money maker.

We have to get started if we want to succeed, and grow our skillsets that make us more valuable in our companies, and in our businesses. You have two choices.

The difference between an expert, and a beginner is the expert has failed more times then the beginners ever tried.- Albert Einstein


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