​Leagues, And Asset Classes 

For eight years I’ve been pent against people who I would never consider competing against. Almost everyone I come in contact with I’m forced to compete with.

It has really pissed me off because everyone’s not a competitor. Some are friends. Some are connie’s. Some are investors. Some are investments.

Shouldn’t competition be like baseball leagues? We have many different leagues , starting at T-ball all the way to the all star league’s. Maybe 8 different leagues. 

You don’t see a high-school players trash talking major league players. It just doesn’t make sense. Expecially when the major league player could really help a high-school player, and they are not competing directly.

Shouldn’t we look at business this way? There’s many different asset classes, like gas stations, restaurant, marketing firms, financial firms, neuroscience firms, est. Each asset class has some kind of advantage. They can all work beautifully together by growing the pie for everyone.

What’s really got my goat lately is an Indian guy who owns a franchise gas station is trying to complete with me when I’m in neuroscience. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

The world rose from the stone age by being connected. People in all asset classes shared knowledge. Many major innovation in one industry come from knowledge from another industry. I guess in India there lagging because they are just now developing their country. The U.S. started developing in the 1920’s.

Why can’t my ground breaking technology transform the gas station industry? If it does that asshole won’t be leading the charge and making millions.


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