Dumbed down business 

Sorry folks, I’m not showing up in my media! It’s going to be a while before I get back on.

I’ve been fighting sprint over my phone bill, and data. It’s made me extremely pissed, so I through my phone out of the car window. I’m not paying the bill either. So I’m in a deep hole. For me to get back in service I’ll need a lot more money then I have. So I’m happy not paying the bill right now.

My guys are trying to get me to start a business, so I can dig out; but they want me to start a dumbed down business. I have a strong competitive advantage when it comes to technology. I’m not going to compete with dumbass on a dumbed down playing field.

So until my guys see the error in their way I’ll be contently not paying a $100 cell phone bill with shitty coverage. 


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