​Mastering The Times

Life on earth evolves.

Things get lighter, and easier. Prices become cheaper. Medicine’s work better. 

We solve problems, and avoid catastrophic events that could cause use to suffer, or even become extinct; on the third Rock from the sun we call Earth.

We have major issues ahead of us to solve.

We figure out how to feed people who are starving to death in undeveloped country’s for $0.69 a day. We build stronger homes that are safer from natural disaster. We solve energy shortage that make the world greener, and more sustainable. General speaking we learn to do all this with less; more efficiently in every industry.

It’s can be mistaken for greedy capitalism.

We often see it that way because of the human condition. We’re all emotionally engaged in fear. So engaged that we attack our friends. 

We attack capitalism, wealth, and innovation when it solved all those problems thus far. And we will continue to solve the problems in the future.

We make crazy prediction that never come true. We get so involved in our day to day fears that we never stop to look at the big picture.

When we stop evolving life runs us over. We must continually try to master the times with innovation, and capital flow, or we will all suffer a slow agonizing death.


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