How I got started in entrepreneurship

Many people don’t know where to start or how to meet other business people who are entrepreneurs.

 We have to learn how to be entrepreneurs. There’s many avenues, like colleg or networking.

I was never very good a school, and network was very hard form. so meeting people was difficult. I’m an introvert. But I learned by working hard, and being mentored by entrepreneurs.

I always worked for very small cash strapped businesses. I met entrepreneurs by getting hired on as an employee.

Then helped them by offering services at no charge. I did little helpful things that didn’t quite fit into a salaried job. Almost every small growing business needs help in this way.

By doing this I learned a can do Attitude, and ropes of entrepreneurship.

The little things are very helpful to small businesses where resources and time are limited. If you can do this you’ll be their hero.

What I did was graciously received, and I was mentored, and privileged in the small companies.

All of this added up over the years. I learned a whole lot, and some entrepreneurs I would do business with down the road.

The what’s in it for me attitude, and I’m only going to do what I’m paid to do will get people nowhere.


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