Fortune rewards those who make contributions

Fortune rewards those who make contributions.

We can make contributions in everything we do. We can make them to are teams, family. Or teaching someone to do something. It’s really just making things better.

Very small fortune’s are found when a person saves a one time cost savings to a company. It’s a very small contribution that doesn’t change things. 

This contribution may have a small promotion, but most often it’s a pat on the back.

A big contribution you can make is changing the system. Changing the system in a way that creating efficiency, and productivity. 

For being the agent of change most of the time it’s rewarded with great fortunes. It’s a permanent change that saves lots of money for the company over the years.

The biggest contribution you can make is building a company that disrupts massive markets like Uber did to taxi cabs.

 They contributed a better very efficient, and productive way to an industry that was old and stell. They totally changed the way we do things for the better.

Or like what I’m doing. I contributing to the future. I’m creating life changing, and life saving Technology’s that will creates many jobs, and will be the way of the future of efficiency and productivity. 

Contributions are how fortunes are made, and they always require change.


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