Trial and error

I’ve failed way more times then I ever succeeded.

I’ve started many new jobs, as a very young and ambitious man. The first weeks were disasters because I was overly motivated to make my mark on the world, and fail on my face. I’ve been fired many times.

I’ve had my chances to meet life changing contacts, and bruised the relationship with my eagerness, and ego.

I’ve been on campaigns of ignorance, and made a fool of myself for the world to see.

I’ve lost good friendships because I was chasing the doller. 

I’ve lost, and lost over, and over again.

I never gave up.

 I’ve looked back time, and time again with shame of my old work. But I grew though trial, and error. I grew to larger then life.

Life’s one of the cruelest teacher you’ll ever meet. You get the test before you get the lesson.

I’m a wiser man because of all my foolishness. 


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