My vision for the future

My most proudest moment in my life was when a builder with 30 years of experience gave me a chance at being a parter. I was a good earner though

Most of my life was like a glass Selling. I could see though everything but not many,,would give me a shot no matter how much I could make them.
I spent years with schizophrenia seeing all these opportunities, but I couldn’t get a shot.

I want to give opportunities like the builder gave me. I want people who come from adverse backgrounds to have a shot. Many can do really well they just come from adverse situations were they need to do a few things on their terms.

That’s why I want to start a platform. A place where people can work, and earn a good living on their terms working for their selves.

I being shown how my technology works, and I’m convinced I can make many platforms for people to become self employed, and earn a good living.

I’m convinced this technology is very important for the future of jobs, and competitive with robots.


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