How can you be Pro-humanitarian, and not be Pro-conservative economics!

Country’s were people starve to death have really bad economics, and a very high crime rate to the point were no one respects private property rights. It’s not safe to invest in these areas.

Sound familiar? To me it sounds like the regressive movement.

The conservative movement’s based on good economics. Good for both people who created jobs by investing, and the working class who can gain mobility, and invest too.

The people who work, and make this world go round are reward. They invent ways to surve the underserved. They cure illness. The come up with Solutions to poverty. They give dominations to charity’s because when people feel like they’ve done well for themselves they give back.

The more we reward people who work the more people will work. The more they earn the better decisions they make. They eat healthier. They live better life styles with less crime. They make better decisions for their children.

Regressive economics undermine’s humanity, and rewards people who don’t contribute to society. People who will never give back, or create anything new.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be the change I want to see in society. 


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