The regressive movement

The liberal’s Progressive movement isn’t a highly enlightened movement of more intelligent people.

The movement’s based on fear, and sex, which is caveman brain thinking. 

Liberals are content with tearing things down out of irrational fear of inadequacy, shame, and inequality. It’s caveman brain thinking.

The neocortex, or smart brain would tell you hard work, and financial responsibility is necessary to close the gap. That’s an enlightened way to look at it.

The conservative’s are a more optimistic party with Progressive, and optimistic views of helping people progress, and financially successful. 

That sort of thinking puts people in their smart brain. They start thinking about the future, instead of fear, and how bad things are (caveman brain.)

The sex desire comes from the caveman brain. It’s a primal instinct of human survival. Sex is for reproduction. Without it we would have died out in the caveman era.
The caveman man brain isn’t intelligent. We know we should do certain things, but still sex scandals happen every day that destroys careers and lives.

I disagree when we call liberals Progressive. Isn’t really a regressive movement. It’s totally built on caveman fear. 

While the conservative movement is built on hard work, and financial responsibility. It’s what we needed to survive in the world. Once we are optimistically/smart brain thinking we can see that’s it’s an enlightened life, with less misery.


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