Democrats and hot cognitions

One of the book I read earlier in the month was a neuroscience book about how to pitch deals using neuroscience.

The whole point was to pitch to the caveman part of the brain, with hot cognitions. 

The caveman brain started for us when nothing was complex. The only thing we had to do back then was stay alive by fighting, reproducing, and finding food.

The caveman brains not capable of making complex decisions.

He summed is process as pitching to the caveman brain to get a dumbed down quick emotional yes.

The book said if you pitch to the neocortex you get a longer deal making process, and more prudent decision.

The reason democrats have had much success in the passed eight years is because they use hot, emotional cognitions. Like “the rich has more money then you. get even.” “Do what ever you want. There will be no consequences.”

Democrats seem very dumb to me, because I put almost everything through my Neocortex which solves nothing, and makes problems worse 

Republicans are coming up with smart ways to address these concerns. But it goes through the analytical neocortex. It takes some time to process, and it’s prudent so every detail may not align with the voter.

It’s the smart guy against the dumbasses. There’s a lot more dumbasses in the world. That’s why we didn’t win the popular vote.

Democrat is my new bigoted slur. I got mad at someone last night, and to belittle them I called them a Democrat, or in terms they can understand dumbasses.


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