Why government run healthcare will kill biomedical science 

People are attracted to healthcare because of the money. And innovation is always fueled by money. 

The smartest most capable minds chooses healthcare because they can do really well in the industry.

I did some quick research, and come up with a medical device market size. The market is about 155 billion a year. I’m sure the market economic impact is much bigger when you factor in college, and medical vendors.

The first thing government will do is put more people in healthcare for a hang nail, or a sneeze. 

The government will try to negotiate lower price, because 155 billion is a lot for government to come up with. 

Everyone knows skilled government workers make less then in private sector.

They will also have to get the price of biomedical science under control. 

People in healthcare will be over worked, and under paid.

Innovation will slow down, and old medical science will be the standard.

The whole system will stagnant, and smart people will go to Computer science or another industry.

The liberal government is lying to get science on their side. Liberals want to make all kind of concessions to fuel science, but if they have their grandview with healthcare science will be a mediocre job with mediocre pay.


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