What are you doing?

Ring, ring; 


“What are you doing?”

I’m so glad you asked! I’m a proud entrepreneur/person, and I’m always solving interesting problems. Some of the problems could change the world! Here’s what I’m working on now!”

“Are you taking a interest in my business/job? I may need help. I also need to let as many people as possible know about my work! Can you pitch in?” 

I wish more people asked the simple question! (what are you doing?) People don’t care about what entrepreneurs are doing at first. They don’t really care until you’ve created a ruckus in the market.

It’s really important for people who do great work to promote it.

There’s a few types of people who don’t like this question. They’re not my type of people I want surround myself with.

Their ether ashamed of what they’re doing, or it’s illegal.

Another type is they’re not doing anything important. Or there’s nothing brilliant going on in their head.

They could also be bored and uninspired with their job, and need to be relocated.

Anyhow a poor response to “what are you doing?” always comes from uninspired people.


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