How Businesses Are Started And Grown

The jack of all trades masters nothing. Not even growing a business.

The secret is to have that on thing we love to do, and we do better then anyone else. That one thing has to be something we can make profits from. 

That thing is our competitive advantage, that we market. When costumers think of (insert competitive advantage here) they think of you. 

The customer will do word of mouth marketing for you because you’re the best at that thing.

Over time we have to find deferent variation of the product that we are the best at, and grow the business; and larger profits.

Then we use our newly found capital to create more competitive advantages, and so on, until we scale enough to take over the industry.

“The largest oak tree started out as a crazy little nut that held it’s ground.” 

Many nuts get washed away by having to broad of a business concept. 

They try to take over the industry, and money gets spread to thin.

Only about 10% of startups are successful.

It doesn’t matter how good it’s executed. The ideas has to be a good one. We have to solve people’s problem’s that matter to customers. 


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