Middle America in two categories

There’s two categories of middle America: the middle class, and everywhere but the big citys, or rual America.

The middle class has pride. They don’t want to say “someone gave me everything.” They want to earn it. Tax cuts, and more jobs help them achieve their goals of self sufficiency. Democrats are hard on these people.

In rual America it’s the samething. We want to be independent, and self made. We work in industries like farming, construction, car mechanics and landscaping. We believe hard work is the answer. In these industries it’s easy do our own thing. We very much have the entrepreneurial dreams.

Democrats are hard on these people. Jobs, low taxes, and economic prosperity help rual American. Democrats also make laws that make it harder to do our own things.

The entrepreneurial dream is what America was founded on.

I just listened to a democrat say they need to stand on their policies, but make a connection with Mid-America, and middle America. Or in essence lie they’re ass off.


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