We don’t need permission to be great

Nowadays we don’t have to ask anyone to be great on the internet. We can just do it.

The only stipulation is people have to love what we do.

We can start a business with very little capital on the internet, and the price gets cheaper everyday.

We don’t need a media Publisher’s permission to voice your opinion to as many people that are willing to hear it. We can just do it.

We can learn to build technology on the internet for free without asking for college acceptance. We can learn just about anything without anyone’s permission for that matter. We  can just do it.

The politicians who have painted the picture of lies for us for so long are now paying the price because we don’t need traditional forms of media’s permission to tell the truth.

The internet is equitable. The success goes to those who truly earned it. We don’t have to have wealthy connections. We don’t have to be from known family. We don’t have to have an education. Or even an adult.

The only thing we need is to build things people love. If they love it enough it can get to billions of people, and make billions of dollars.


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