Liberal ideology fails 

Most liberals don’t like to ask much out of themselves. 

They don’t like bosses asking things out of them, or anything that makes them reach higher.

They make statements like “I am who I am, don’t ask anything more out of me.” Or “I wish things where easier.”

They go though a lot of pain, and depression. It’s part of being a snowflake.

The Jim Rhon quote go’s don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.

I rarely ever think about things being easier. I see people doing these things all the time, and ask myself “why can’t I do that.” Or “If I work on myself I bet I can get better.”

 I can do anything because I can always and improve. There’s no limits. I relentlessly train myself on every small detail everyday.

So can you if you start with the little things first. One small step at a time. If you start trying the bigger things first you’ll be descerged.

We can develop a plan, or chart our corse to great things one small step at a time.

I developed this for myself, and the hunting dogs I trained as a child. I slowly developed skills by overcoming small obstacles every day. Just like I develop hunting skills in my bird dogs.

Remember if everything was easier there would be no reward.

If a degree was easy to get it would be compensated like minimum wage.

Everything works like that. If it was easier everyone would do it, and it would pay nothing. There’s no reward.


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