Social standing and management structures 

There’s a spectrum of social standings. People rang from really dominant too in the middle by being a follower. Then the other end is people who are socially off. 

Each Industry and management structure has different requirements about where they want their leadership to stand on the social spectrum.

There’s the social powerhouse. This person holds the most propelling point of view almost all the time. The power house does well in a centralized management structure like finance. This person usually holds all the money.

I’m in between the middle, and the powerhouse. Which I take great pride in being there on the spectrum. I can hold the powerful point view, but I will give it up too; when a better idea is held by another person. I’m not afraid to confront bad ideas. This is what tech leadership looks for in their people. Tech’s complex, and highly pivotal. Things can go in any directions. So they want more people’s smart minds intervening it the idea process.

The middle person is a follower. They have good social standing because they go along with leadership. They do the right thing, and are rarely confrontational. This person fits good in Hierarchy, and is subordinate to the powerhouse.

The fare end of the social spectrum is socially off. This person holds ideas, but no one follows them, and they don’t follow any one else. They are kind of socially isolated.

Where do you stand on the spectrum? 


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