Raising kids in a non-traditional way

In the future robots will be able to do most anything they teach in schools, and colleges. 

Higher paying jobs will go to lower skills for lower pay because with technical computer assistance anyone can do the job.

The most promising careers will be people who innovate, or people who see things differently. They don’t need a technical skill set. Just a creative mind.

When it comes to raising my children I want to raise them in a non-traditional way. In a way they see things different then all the other kids who where taught to be like minded in the same school programs.

The way school started a long time ago was to teach kids obedience for employers, and all the same skills for them too; so workers could easily be replaced.

All the look alike people drive cars that look alike. They live in all the same neighborhoods with similar houses. They dress the same. They all go to the same stores. 

For innovation to happen we need a fresh look at things. Someone who has no idea what their doing, but see’s opportunities that others don’t. They need to be raised in a non-traditional creative way.

That’s my goal! A large creative family that builds things.


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