The fundamentals

The rich is the poor, and the poor is the rich.

People move back, and forth. They loose good jobs. Small businesses fail. People have health issues. They make bad decisions that cost them everything. Economies tank.

When I was 19 I had a corporate job. I was talking to an owner of a neighboring business. He told me I had a very bright future. 6 months later I became sick, and was very poor for 10 years. 

Guess what? I’m back, and better then ever.

I know a wealthy family where the large income provider died, and they became poor.

What gives people the ability to move back and forth is the fundamentals of hard work, and the disciplines.

The poor can move out of poverty if they learn the fundamentals.

The rich can fall out of wealth, and get it back if they don’t lose the fundamentals.

The foundation of the fundamentals must be built on stone.


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