Fanning the flames of momentum and fun at work

When managing momentum we can’t stand on our heals for to long. We have to actively Fan the flames of momentum.

We must take advantage of tailwinds, and headwinds.

We have to stay ahead of the momentum so we can pull out the stops.

We must notice when momentum is slowing so we can break, and raise morale at the plateaus.

It’s fine tuned servant leadership. We have to be standing on our toes, ready to pounce on momentous opportunities.

I learned this from years having a large list of things that was hard labor, that need to be done. 

The bosses didn’t telling me how to work the work load. I worked it in a way that was very easy for me. I like to enjoy myself, and play at work too. 

I was put in them positions because of how much work I get done.

It’s easygoing and fun, and the people I worked with enjoy it.


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