I’ve wanted to write about this for some time. Nows a good time in my situation.

It’s hard to find a rich hermit. If you look throughout the history of economic prosperity, the more connected we become the more economic prosperity is prevalent.

It all started with tribes. The tribes had no trust for other tribes because they’re knuckleheads. They were self sustain, and very poor. Once they gained enough trust to not kill one another, and made trades both tribes did better. 

One tribe could hunt, and trade with another tribe that farmed. Now they had meat, and produce. They both had more.

Once they start sharing collective knowledge they prospered even more, and started inventing things. The whole world started to rise economically.

Every one knows something. Add it all up, and we got mills, better/easier farming practices and we become more industrialized. Life got easier for everyone.

Knuckleheads are like the primitive tribes. They are self sustained. They know everything, so they don’t listen to others. There’s no helping them because they’re not coachable. They suffer, and fade away. Most of the time poorer people are hard to reach, because they’re knuckleheads.

I’m sad that they are hard to reach, and I can’t do anything for them. They are very hard cases, that can’t be helped. 

We still have tribes in the world that wear leaves for clothing, and are isolated from prosperity. If someone gets close to them they kill them.

If I had to tell you my best trait it’s how coachable I am. Not everyone’s mentor material, or can be mentored. 

People who are mentor material climb higher. Their bosses put more time into them. They learn more because their bosses share more knowledge with them, and they get promoted more.


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