The status quo and entrepreneurship

The status quo is safe, secure, reliable. It works a steady job with normalize returns.

The status quo maintains things. Corporate culture loves it because companies are to big to take risk. There’s too much at risk, and a lot of money that can be lost.

The status quo is protection against risks of being wrong because everyone agrees this is normalized returns. If they change things it leads to uncertainty.

Nothing about entrepreneurship is status quo because everything is uncertain. Startups are kind of wild cards.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a generalized practice, and people don’t talk about businesses that blend in with normalcy. 

Entrepreneurs put it all on the line. They don’t have a safety nets, and they run into make or break deals where they may risk it all. There’s no reward without taking risk because normalized returns don’t exist.

There’s a thin line between crazy, and a successful entrepreneur. It’s divided by their track record. 


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