I don’t know

The statement “I don’t know” can be liberating for me. It’s a learned skill, that’s in high demand. It take real confidence to say I don’t know. 

Sometimes we’re expected to know everything, and we can make statements like “let me look into it, and I’ll get back with you.” Which is very trust worthy.

It’s intellectual honesty.

That statement I don’t know gets people who know involved, because poeple whom know a lot about something often jump at the opportunity to tell you, or show you what they know. 

The person that jumps at the opportunity feels valued and is more willing to preform their very best. A strong leader can lead the very best people by saying “I don’t know, but I trust you to know.” 

When it comes to a very serious decision where we have to live with the longterm consequences. “I don’t know” enables us to consult with an expert, and do research.

Don’t undervalue all the benefits of saying I don’t know.


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