Changing the prescription our mind consumes 

We tell ourselves story’s. Theses storylines can hurt use or help us. We can consume them like a prescription that treats or mental state of mind.
Here’s a list of story’s that we tell ourselves that aren’t good for use.

  • I can’t do this
  • I don’t belong here
  • Bad things always happen to me
  • These people aren’t like me
  • I can’t wait

Thes things drive us nuts. When we consume these drugs we lose control of our situation.

These prescriptions dictated how we feel. We look for evidence to support them so that the story’s true. These story’s we tell ourselves make us feel bad.

Here’s a flip on these story’s we tell ourselves that make use feel better, if we look for evidence to support them; so that we believe them. Our mental state will be much better.

  • (I can’t do this) I have difficulty doing this, but I can do these parts very we. I can seek help on the one problem I have difficulty with. So I know I can do it. All the evidence supports it.
  • (I don’t belong here) This place has some unique features. The people here live with these issues, and if can survive here I can learn a new skill. I’ll can learn.
  • (Bad things always happen to me) I’m a smart person and I know that everything that happens isn’t always bad. I remember when this, this, and this happened; and it they where good things.
  • (These people aren’t like me) These people are people. I’m a person too. They may have a little different mindset. But they are successful in these areas. It would be interesting to see how they did it.
  • (I can’t wait) If i wait I can prepare. I can have this and this out of the way. When it does get here I’ll make the most out of it because I have the obstacles out-of-the-way.

There’s prescriptions help use cope with our difficulties. They give us a more stable mental health, and power of ourselves.

These flips on my story’s have helped me stay sane when I thought I couldn’t take anymore. I was able to bare things that for most people would be unbearable.


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