The dilemma of college

Most colleges students work at low paying food service job before college, and while their in colleges.

Without the degree they have a hard time earning a living. That’s where the dilemma is. They think to be marketable they need a degree. It’s limited thinking. They aren’t seeing all the options.

I knew I could earn a good living without College. Colleges was never an option for me. So I had a brighter view of how I could earn a living.

Through my high school years. I cut many nabors yards, and did landscaping. A landscaping company can make $250k a year. I had a good start. Very ambitious for college students. Seems viable right?

I trained dogs for people. Dog trainer can bring in $50-$60k a year. It’s more then a nurse makes. Seems supplemental right?

I helped guide hunts for five or six hundred dollars a day. Seems legit in the winter, and I could train dogs year round too.

I was a marketer in a game call business, and I earned my fair share of $100-$500 checks. Not bad for having fun for a teen in middle school.

I ended up in marketing with a job that appears to surpass the top 1% of college graduates.

There are plenty of options out there that could take us so much higher. With the Internet we can learn all the inns and outs of our chosen path. 

College isn’t the only path to success. So we shouldn’t limit our thinking and illuminate our options.


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