Letting go

Letting go off bad things can be liberating.

Take for instance my situation. I have a huge social media reach. Something that should be highly rewarding. It should be fun, and financially rewarding.

That’s where it gets tricky. It should be, but it’s not. I can’t change it, and what should be weighs me down. It’s a huge burden to bear. 

For now I have to let it go, so I can be free. I have to excepted  the fact that I live in abject poverty. Letting go makes it bearable.

In normal circumstances I can change it. But not this, and if I want to not be angriered by it; I have to let go of what should be. 

I have to except what is. Doesn’t mean I’m not a billionaire. In my unique situation it’s what I have to endure to get my fortune. I can’t endure it if I’m weighed done by the anger of poverty.


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