Having a prevailing viewpoint 

Everyone has a point of view, and ideology. There are 7billion people in this world, and they all can conflict on some level.

People will never change their ideology and argue to the death. People will start wars before the except anything different if they feel threatened.

When having the prevailing point of view is kind of like starting a business of educating the consumer on the product, or you could look at it like filling a pool one drip of water at a time.

For me it started with discrediting the most idiotic point of view. While educating a more sane, smart points. It’s hard to argue with proof of logics. Drip, drop, one post at a time; I was able to win others over.

It doesn’t work if you start calling people names, and threatening them. At lest not in the mass market. You’ll have a tsunami whip you out.


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