Failure’s best when we learn from it.

Failures  is a tuff lesson, and hard to live with, but if  we learned from it; it’s sold growth.  It’s a foundation that’s set on stone.

If most things are done right they don’t fail. If you have the right idea, it will succeed, and if not it will fail.

The trick is finding out exactly why we failed. If we find out the why; we grow that much wiser, and stronger. 

The more we learn the hard lessons, the better we become.

There’s way more to be learned from failure then there ever will be for success. Success gives us a false sense of ego, and ego will fail if left unchecked.

If you look at people in high levels of business and government they get fired at the drop of a hate. Rightfully so because they failed. These are also the people who are doing what seems like the impossible to use. They achieved their high level based on learning for failure, and not giving up.


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