All things prospers 

It’s a different perspective then most have when competing within a family circle, social Circle, or even a Community.

I grew up in a family unit that worked as a team to run a business. If one did really good it benefited the whole team. If one team member got a connection, it advanced the cause of the team. We worked hard to set each other up for success.

My social circles was the sameway too. We all looked for connections and hook ups and we all enjoyed the benefits. At the track someone knew a bar tender that hooked up the drinks, that we all enjoyed. One person knew a gatekeeper who would let use all into the pricier club houses for free. We all benefit from these connections.

I view the community the sameway too. Here’s some perspective: some really rich guy who did really well was able to build the Yum Center in Louisville. Now the Community gets to enjoy the concerts and basketball games in a state of the art facility. Many other cities don’t get to enjoy the quality of the Yum Center. There’s countless examples throughout Louisville, where we all benefit from others success. 

If we look at success this way, and support everything prosperous, and set others up for success; we all get huge benefits.


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