If people don’t see your value move on.

I moved away from Louisville to Shelbyville back in 2007. All the people in Louisville where robbing me blind, while I was dealing with schizophrenia, and alcoholism. 

If I hadn’t moved away I would’ve burned out and wound up homeless and insane. Street people where eating me alive.

I became free to be me. I was really good at doing business but the people only knew the schizophrenia me. 

They used that weakness against me. They wouldn’t let me out of it. Schizophrenia wasn’t my definition of me, to me. But it was their definition of me.

I moved away, and the next year I started, starting businesses. I started climbing hard and fast. I started about five business in four short years. It seems like right now I’m the most successful one out of all the people I was around. I maybe at the very top of the one percent.


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