Starting with nothing and climbing to a high level of success 

I started with nothing and not knowing much. My plans where to cimb to major success.

Here’s how it worked for me.

 I start with two jobs. Saved some money, and grow my skill set by hustling my work ethic. I had no chance with the old people.

I moved away from where I had a stigma of being a low payed labor. Then I Consolidate two jobs into a higher paying job. While learning new skill sets, and learning how to hold out, and work hard for a higher paying job. It was possible to do that where no one new the old me. I got fired about four months in.

Then I started a higher  paying entrepreneurial job with an experienced entrepreneur. We started a small business. I Saved a lot more money, and learn many new skills in business.

I became an entrepreneur, working for a steady safe company. The job was some what like a franchise that I invested in. I saved more money, Learned, and grew my new skill set.

I invested in a more risky startup, where I dug deep into entrepreneurship. I learned a whole lot about business from the startup, and I studied business at a Community college. 

The business failed, but before it went under I met my connections I have today that I’m guessing gave me a huge opportunity, and made me very successful.

I started marketing, and branding myself on the internet. I learned a major skill set, and spent all this time self educating myself, about business. 

One thing always lead to another, and I learned new things the whole time. Knowledge is key, and the more you learn the easier it is to take a leap to the next level.


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