The story’s we tell

If you look into many superstars story’s you will find they have amazing stories to tell about their past. Story like beating impossible odds. The story’s propel them to fame.

Story’s really connect with people. The more dramatic the story the more people want to hear it.

If you overcome poverty, disabilities, or a bad childhood it connects too a soft spot with others; if you didn’t fall victim. It really connects with people with similar backgrounds.

Everyone wants to know how you survived, and understand how you did it; in hopes it will help them. It builds a bond with people. They are looking for inspiration, and hope.

If you had a ruff pass there’s hope. Keep your head up, and maybe one day you can tell your story. You have a leg up, but it’s up to you to survive, and not let your story define you. Then all you have to do is connect with people who want to here your story.


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