Surviving the street is like entrepreneurship 

You have to be very creative to survive the streets, and get off of them. You have to be very creative to be an entrepreneur too. 

Surviving the streets you have to be creative enough to make do with very little, or what you have. You have to figure out how to get things done for free. 

Entrepreneurship is the same way. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of money. So they creativity solve problems like marketing, not having tools, an anything else they can’t afford.

Survivors of the streets know if they want something they have to hustle for it in anyway imaginable. It’s no easy task to get out of trap.

When being an entrepreneur deals rarely fall in to your lap. You have to go out and hustle up customers, and vendors. People don’t want to do business with you because they don’t trust your cash flow.

Survivors of the street have to be very persuasive, and move people in their favor.

The something for entrepreneurs. They have to persuade employers, customers, and vendors to buy into their business.

Many unsuccessful entrepreneurs don’t know who to pick themselves up after failures. They can’t get past it.

Survival on the streets is pick yourself up time and time again after each failure, and keep moving.
The list goes on and on, but if your on the streets and surviving get your life together. Get in business and follow all the laws.

You’ll live longer. You won’t barn out, and you can keep what you earn. It’s much harder for people to take it away, or take you to jail because we’er a nation of laws that protect you. 


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