Pains not funny but funny is pain

Have you noticed people that haven’t suffered from much pain in their lives have an off sense of humor?

There’s a few people like that. They’ve never really suffered from anything. All of their jokes are really corny. Corny to the point that no one really laughs.

Ever since the rise of social media I can spot these people. 

Most of these people whom never suffered pain come from well off family’s. God’s blessed this small minority of people in areas that he didn’t bless most of use, and that’s okey. 

I’ve suffered a lot. God blessed me with humor. Just like many of you.

These people are more envious of me then I am of them.

We get to laugh, and make others laugh too. I get great joy from my humor, and making others laugh. Making others laugh is a really great skill to have. It’s been the secret to my success.

The gift is a positive perspective on all the pain we’ve endured. At lest we aren’t boring.

Our pain isn’t funny, but pain is our gift of humor.


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