Open debates 

Everything’s open for debate.

Debates can be very constructive. They’re the best way to come up with conclusion everyone can agree on. Things that are debated are always more successful.

Debating is a process of uncovering all the opportunity’s, and there details. It’s some what intellectual.

When it comes to others feelings, and thoughts there’s no wrong answers. Their thoughts, and feeling should be considered. It’s a two way street that leads to the best answer for everyone. Answer that everyone’s on board with are more successful.
They’ve had me fooled about what I was really doing when I make statements. It started at George’s. I bet in the military nothing’s up for debate. 

Because of that the decisions I make with my family aren’t going to be successful. In fact I won’t even be a factor do to their withdraw.

Many time people are scared of putting it out there, or they don’t want to look stupid. Making people more comfortable in debates is definitely something I should work on.

Maybe it comes from debating people who are strong, about their business, and know how to handle negotiations. 

I use to have a very good track record of win,win conclusions. I prided myself on win, win talks. It feels good when others walk away feeling powerful, and me too.

They call me the boss, but everything is open for discussion. 


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