The extra mile

In a loosely defined job it’s easy to go the extra mile, by caring about what we do. 

We can put our thoughtfulness into our work that really impresses our customers. 

Our thoughtfulness can command higher premiums.

As a contractor we can create more billable work just by being thoughtful enough to go the extra mile. 

We can ask more questions about what needs to be done, and get more work by meeting the customer’s individual needs.

“Here’s my work. I heard your challenges, so I did these things for you.”



Tick-tock goes the clock.

Will I live or will I fade away in this hick town?

I’m salivating for prosperity, as the clock ticks on, and my hair terns grey.

Tick-tock as I wounder what’s next in this impossible situation.

Story telling

Social media marketers know the value of a good story.

When people tell good story’s the audience is a attentive. The audience hangs on for the next post. They want to know what happens next.

We hit gold when the audience wants to share the story with friends. If the story’s helpful for friends they’er more likely to share it. 

We can document our business stories, or even our lives, and keep people interested. The more adversity we overcome the better the story we can tell about the trials, tribulations and how we overcome impossible situations.

With a little luck we can accomplish our business goals through social story telling.

The trade-off

There’s a trade-off for every path we choose in life. We give up something to go for something greater in our mind.

If we go to college most of use end up deep in debt, and we lose years of income to debt.

If we don’t go to college we don’t learn how to deal with regulations well. We tend to be more free thinking, and have a hard time working in a bureaucracy.

If we go to college we don’t learn how to build things from nothing very well. When all the processes aren’t in place we don’t know what to do.

If we choose to work for somebody we lose the potential up side of working for ourselves.

If we build our own business we lose security of working for others. Many of wind up broke.

The dilemma of college

Most colleges students work at low paying food service job before college, and while their in colleges.

Without the degree they have a hard time earning a living. That’s where the dilemma is. They think to be marketable they need a degree. It’s limited thinking. They aren’t seeing all the options.

I knew I could earn a good living without College. Colleges was never an option for me. So I had a brighter view of how I could earn a living.

Through my high school years. I cut many nabors yards, and did landscaping. A landscaping company can make $250k a year. I had a good start. Very ambitious for college students. Seems viable right?

I trained dogs for people. Dog trainer can bring in $50-$60k a year. It’s more then a nurse makes. Seems supplemental right?

I helped guide hunts for five or six hundred dollars a day. Seems legit in the winter, and I could train dogs year round too.

I was a marketer in a game call business, and I earned my fair share of $100-$500 checks. Not bad for having fun for a teen in middle school.

I ended up in marketing with a job that appears to surpass the top 1% of college graduates.

There are plenty of options out there that could take us so much higher. With the Internet we can learn all the inns and outs of our chosen path. 

College isn’t the only path to success. So we shouldn’t limit our thinking and illuminate our options.

Intellectually hard working 

It’s nice to work with people that aren’t intellectually lazy 

People whom cover all bases, and don’t leave anything unchecked. They thoroughly follow up with all the details, and double check things.

We can trust these people to do their jobs, and have a sense of safety when delegating work to them.

Intellectual hard working people get better jobs, and more freedom within their jobs.

Money’s a magnification

Money magnifiers things. Thing’s like bad ideas, and personality traits.

If it’s a bad idea you’ll need more money for it. With money you’ll be able to magnify your idea so the everyone can see how ugly it is. A good idea sells it’s self, and money will magnify the beauty of it.

If a person’s a jerk, money will magnify the jerkiness. It makes them more of a jerk. If a person has a Beautiful giving personality, the personality will be magnified with money.

Money makes more of what things are. It’s not always the best thing for people to get their hands on, but we all deserve a chance to find out.

Letting go

Letting go off bad things can be liberating.

Take for instance my situation. I have a huge social media reach. Something that should be highly rewarding. It should be fun, and financially rewarding.

That’s where it gets tricky. It should be, but it’s not. I can’t change it, and what should be weighs me down. It’s a huge burden to bear. 

For now I have to let it go, so I can be free. I have to excepted  the fact that I live in abject poverty. Letting go makes it bearable.

In normal circumstances I can change it. But not this, and if I want to not be angriered by it; I have to let go of what should be. 

I have to except what is. Doesn’t mean I’m not a billionaire. In my unique situation it’s what I have to endure to get my fortune. I can’t endure it if I’m weighed done by the anger of poverty.

A winning attitude is a can do attitude

You can’t keep a can do attitude down. It’s mandatory when getting anything done with great success. It’s confidence that we need. 

People don’t do things because they don’t think they can. So they never try. 

The can’t do attitude is a disease that creeps in and stills our potential.

If you want it, and can do what it takes by using all of the above to get it done; nothing can stop use but a bad idea. 

 With a bad idea we can quickly swerve, and overcome with a greater can do plan.

The only thing stopping us, is us.

Having a prevailing viewpoint 

Everyone has a point of view, and ideology. There are 7billion people in this world, and they all can conflict on some level.

People will never change their ideology and argue to the death. People will start wars before the except anything different if they feel threatened.

When having the prevailing point of view is kind of like starting a business of educating the consumer on the product, or you could look at it like filling a pool one drip of water at a time.

For me it started with discrediting the most idiotic point of view. While educating a more sane, smart points. It’s hard to argue with proof of logics. Drip, drop, one post at a time; I was able to win others over.

It doesn’t work if you start calling people names, and threatening them. At lest not in the mass market. You’ll have a tsunami whip you out.