What’s Christ done in my life

Yesterday at church I was challenged to tell people what Christ has done in my life, in hopes people would come to church and see for themselves.

So here you go. A while back I was thinking about giving up on life. It was a spiritually pivotal point for me. I was angry, and I was desperate. 

It just so happened the church was in a series called base camp. They used climbing Mount Everest as metaphor for life. Just like climbing Mount Everest, life can be really hard; and we can’t give up. If you give up when climbing Mount Everest you are likely to die.

I got a new outlook on life from the church service. I was was more filled inside with life. 

You see Christ like to fill us up when where empty inside. He loves damage people. Many times when no one else does.

He’s done so much more in my life, like teaching me how a leader leads, and has blessed me with more then enough; but most important I didn’t give up on Life and Christ. After that I was filled with contentment.


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