Aesthetics sell

I’m learning the value of aesthetics. It’s plan and simple aesthetics sell. 

I’ve made some major optimistic purchases in the past couple of years. The purchases were based on aesthetics. They made me feel fuzzy inside. 

I was attracted to thing that shine. We buy the most aesthetics pleasing cars. The best looking tools. We are attached to the prettiest mates.

But sometimes we buy into junk because it looks so good. One of my purchases was a big mistake. Somethings live up to it’s promise, and some don’t.

Beauty can drive first time buyers but word spreads, and if the product doesn’t live up to it aesthetics we dump it with dissatisfaction, and avengeance.

There’s a fine line between over aestheticlly pleasing products and quality.

We probably don’t want to over sell things by making them to beautiful, unless the quality’s all the beauty’s cracked up to be.

There’s probably a marketing lesson in there somewhere.


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