Work is art to me

Work is art, or something I’m realy passionate about.

When I power wash a house, I geek out on it, and passionately do the best I can. I fall in love with doing it right, and I get off by doing it the most efficient way I can.

When I delivered for Jimmy John’s I passionately did the best I could. I fell in love with Jimmy John’s slogen “Subs So fast you Freek.”

When I support Autism I passionately make the most I can of my efforts, and passionately raise awareness so everyone’s aware of the differences between Autism, and boring people.

We can do anything, or work with great love too.

Art can be raising children, taking the trash to the road, or cleaning or car. We can do it in sales, or a friendly conversation. There’s no limits to the things we can do that’s art.

It’s the difference between mediocrity, and being great.

I challenge you to fall in love with what you do best, and take it to the next level. You will be amazed at how high you can go with the labor of love.


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