The business may fail, but the skills we learn survive

If we are out there doing hard things like business, we learn new skills. Skills that we can take with use where ever we go. 

I failed at a power washing business. I didn’t have the greatest PR, and was very publicized; but didn’t know how to handle all the PR. So eventually the business failed. But I learned a great deal about how pressure clean things, and other businesses skills. I got really good deferent things.

Fast forward 4 years, and I went to a more PR, social media marketing business, but never picked up any clients. But I learned a lot of marketing skills.

Now I’m going to combine the two. I have the ability to pressure clean, and I’m more Equipped to handle the PR, and branding.

It’s sounds like a nightmare of failures, but failures a very necessary part of business. When thing fail we picked up skills. Life goes on. The more we experience the more equipped we are. The better we’ll do.


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